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PLEASE READ MY POST, PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY: This past year has been a little hard on us. I'm not giving up on

Just Me-- Marisa started this conversation
This past year has been a little hard on us. I'm not giving up on my family-- I will keep sending requests and wait, and wait-- I know everyone can't be HELPED I'm just hoping to be one of the lucky ones that does receive help..
I am seeking contributions for to help me with or get me through the rest of the year. I would really appreciate donations in money to help get me through I have been in school for over a year full time and receive food stamps and cash assistance but live month to month doing this and I just can't seem to catch up-- I go to school full time and internship so this takes a lot of my day.
I have been fighting for SSI benefits for over a year and I struggle each and every day trying to stay in school-- I have so many appointments because I have a lot of health issues and trying to keep up with life itself is taking its toll, sometimes I feel like I just might NOT wake up the next day cause I run myself bare, hurting each and every night, but I FORCE myself to do it.
I can't believe I'm waiting so long to ask for this help-- but I'm EMBARASSED.. I'm first and foremost a mother and that does mean a lot to me-- these days it is just so HARD...
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Just Me-- Marisa   in reply to datra
Christmas was sad--- Jan 2013 is only a few days away and I'm on this phone and computer day and night try'n-- try'n-- try'n and NOTHING.. I need $500 to be able to move and I haven't got it..... UGH, IDK when I start to give up
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Just Me-- Marisa   in reply to datra
Yeah I know-- but soon to be out Jan 2013 is my date to move and I have NO MONEY---- Christmas was juss.. UGH
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i know the feeling but we as mothers can't give up cause we live for our kids even though it's hard and even harder when your doing it yourself
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Just Me-- Marisa   in reply to gpeaches5109
I did--- and our local 211 and went down the list- each and every one that was on the list for assistance and NOTHING.
Glad to hear you found help, Happy Holidays
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gpeaches5109   in reply to Just Me-- Marisa
Try local churches and kids school.thats who is helping me
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Just Me-- Marisa   in reply to annie46
I tried both of those but nothing not even a dime... LoL
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just me there are a couple of sites for just your situation Wish upon a Hero also Microgiving both allow you to present you request and take contrubitions from many donners Dont be embarassed you are working toward a better tomorrow annie46
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